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Configurating local server


Server will attempt to read /etc/limit_local_server.conf and there you should move config file.
You may also run server with config file name as first argument, for example ./server myconf.conf

Configuration Content bellow can be also found in configuring_system.txt located in /doc/ directory of local and main server source

You may use # and // for single line comments and /* */ for block comments. You may use " " for strings containing white characters.

main_server_address DOMAIN
Sets main server address. Address can contain up to 128 characters
Default address is ""
main_server_port PORT
Sets main server port.
Default port is 8005
local_server_name NAME
Local server name. Name must be unique within all servers connecting to same main. This must be set, no default value will be used
local_server_path PATH
If specified, Unix Sockets will be used instead of TCP. PATH is path to the socket that should be used.
local_server_port PORT
Local server port, same as one specyfied in modules config.
Default port is 12000
worker_threads COUNT
Amount of worker threads, up to RECV_THREAD_AMOUNT (by default 1024).
Default thread count is 2
daemonize 1/0
Tells whenever server should daemonize (deattach from console). By default, it will not. Use 1 to deattach.
log_error PATH
Path to error output file, if not set stderr will be used
log_common PATH
Path to other logs output fire, if not set stdout will be used